Innopad Solutions provides scrum team include Scrum Master, developer, business analyst, tester and technical writer. We also provide agile coach to make sure that all scrum team is operating properly with all standard practices. Full scrum team can give you working product every week. So you have working product ready with zero defects and you can release the version whenever you want.

Scrum team is participate in 4 below meetings
  • Sprint planning meeting: In this meeting scrum team communicate with product owner and clarify the requirement and set the sprint goal.
  • Daily stand up meeting: Scrum team give update to their team members. so there wont be any communication gap between scrum team members. and if any impediments are there then it will get reported to scrum Master.
  • Sprint Review and Demo Meeting: Scrum team give demo to product owner on last day of sprint and get feedback from client about working product.
  • Sprint Retrospective: Scrum team discuss about the sprint experience and find out reasons and action items if sprint is failed.
Innopad Scrum Team use following tools while communication to client
  • Skype
  • gotomeeting
  • Google Hangout
Innopad Solutions Scrum Team use following tools while communication to client
  • Rally
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • Trello
  • TFS
  • Basecamp

You will find great experience to work with Innopad Scrum team. Innopad Scrum team is very small, open and honest communications, quick update and feedback, direct working with client and most important that they use common sense to execute project.


Hiring on contract IT developers / programmers is the best practice followed by current business world. Hiring a developer is a very cost effective option compared to maintaining full time in house employee. Also, there is no training and development expenditure involved. At Innopad Solutions, we have a huge team of experienced developers from whom you can choose the best for your work. You can find multi-tasking developers under one roof. A dedicated team of experienced developers will be assigned only for your work. The customer has entire control over team and can discuss the work progress with the team directly. You have direct control over the employees like your inhouse employees.

We understand that every project requirement is different. So we have formed different hiring models to support your needs. You can hire developers on monthly/weekly/hourly or full time equivalent (FTE) employee contract basis for you.

  • Experienced candidates
  • Quality time spent for need analysis
  • Daily reporting through emails, chat or videocalls (as per your choice)
  • Transparent work flow
  • Productive 8 working hours a day
  • Best Infrastructure for hardware and software
  • Assistance provided till the clients requirement
  • Less turnaround time
  • Client can trust us as we are a brand name in Indian IT industry
  • Hire Web Designer & Developer
  • Hire .NET Developer
  • Hire Android Developer
  • Hire iPhone Developer
  • Hire WordPress developer
  • Hire php Developer
  • Hire Magento developer
  • Hire WordPress developer
  • Hire Ruby on Rails developer
  • Hire Node.Js Developer


The formal training sessions should be designed to create familiarity with the agile terminology and also provide a platform to dispel any myths and misunderstandings. It is very often the small doubts and wrong assumptions that are at the root of initial problems or resentment. During this early stage, before the project starts, the agile consultant has the responsibility for ensuring that senior management understand the impact of an agile approach and that they are providing sufficient support.

We are keen to the focus of something new and exciting that will bring benefits to everyone. To this end, we are very very visible and approachable in the period leading up to the project start. we are not be the project manager for the prototype but instead the consultant should provide help and guidance in a practical manner to allow the project manager to understand their role.

The team will probably find it very useful for the agile consultant to be the scrum master for the first iteration or two and to also run the initial planning and retrospective sessions. During this time our role is to help the group understand the mechanics of the techniques and to promote enthusiasm.

A typical assignment for us will be an initial two week training and preparation period, followed by a period of up to six or eight weeks, depending upon the duration selected for the iteration. This period is unlikely to be full-time after the first week. In addition to acting as scrum master, we can usefully assist the project manager with the planning tasks and also the business analyst with the initial story definition.

Once the team is working properly, then we can look at the way in which the agile approach can be spread outwards into the business. The concept of managing the backlog and its constant grooming needs to be addressed, along with the issues that surround scaling up the prototype team to run multiple agile teams.

In the true spirit of agile, we will complete the assignment with a retrospective report. In this document, we will document all of the things that worked, those that didn’t and suggestions should be made for the immediate future. There should also be a proposal for a future visit to provide an agile health check-up to measure progress and provide input into the team’s use of agile.


Recent trends in outsourcing development projects include the increased use of a more globalized resource pool in the form of offshore development centers. As the growing enterprises don’t have the time, money & resources to survive false starts and the luxury of second chances. Thus, to reduce the development cost and develop as well as deliver the product on time, start ups and an established industry player among the world Leverage the power of ODC model to expand the development bandwidth and convert fixed costs to variable.

  • You can appoint dedicated staff from our Offshore Development Center (ODC) in India who works virtually within your company.
  • You can employ as minimum as 1 resource to any number of resources either on short term or long term projects.
  • No employment charges.
  • Immediate availability of resources.

Innopad Solutions ODC is one of those places where you get expert and professional IT resources to help you grow your business, get quality development services and well-equipped infrastructural facilities at the most affordable prices. By establishing a captive offshore development center, we offer our tailored engagement models cater to the unique needs of your business to help you redirect valuable cost-savings back to your business goals.

If you’re looking for an affordable, low-risk way to build and manage a sound, profitable business to remain in the play, but want to reduce your burn, Innopad Solutions is the best place to look for. We’ll help you get there on time, in budget and with satisfaction.

  • Quick ROI
  • Offer support in multiple time zone
  • Economical
  • Core IT competencies
  • No need of long-term investments
  • Customary IT infrastructure
  • Reduce operational control
  • Reduced business risks
  • Access to the best talents
  • High-quality industrial practices
  • Dedicated development team with the secial industry skill set such as Project Manager, System Architect, UI Designer, Developer, and Test Engineer etc.

  • Upon your request, we provide you the portfolio of skillful engineers who are highly experienced in relevant domains and technologies you are looking for.
  • Our flexible pricing is cited on month to month rate for software engineers as per the specialization level, programming ability and the project scope.
  • At the beginning of strategic organizations, when the administration starts, we can impart specifically via email, phone or instant messenger, so that the ODC team can react instantly meeting expectations in conjunction with your group.
  • You can control the advancement of the offshore group by online undertaking administration devices.
  • We permit you to manufacture your offshore offices, one cubicle at once – you can just include or diminish staff.
  • As a turn-key result, we provide offices, human assets, recruitment, payroll, and comprehensive administrations for all seaward colleagues.

If you’re looking for an affordable, low-risk way to build and manage a sound, profitable business to remain in the play, but want to reduce your burn, look to En Interactive. Hire our dedicated offshore Development center service to get there on time, in budget and with satisfaction.