Internet of Things

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Our company has started to deliver new services for our clientsof developing and maintaining connected cars. We help you to stay connected with your cars all the time, and helping you with required timely maintenance. We provide solutions for automotive manufactures development and performance optimization. We help in bringing more belief to your business decision making. We also provide you with continuous engineering for your vehicle data to improve your car’s life and maintain its quality. We deploy your car’s data through cloud and provide you with advanced and upgraded tools to handle image and natural language processing. We simplify things for you, so that you can be connected easily with your cars.

Smart City

Smart City is the vision of the IOT, which will enable our clients to communicate with one another and with the users. We provide our customers to access the Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Buildings and Smart Environment. We help them to access the smartness of cities and bringing an economical advantage for our city. We provide a database of the structure of the building with use of the sensors fit in the building and also determine pollution levels and temperature for maintaining environmental conditions.We provide different things such as waste management, air quality, traffic monitoring, Smart parking, Smart lightings and more.

M2M/Industrial IOT

Internet of things opens up some new limits for Industries. We have provided a large range of solutions to various industries in various sections like solar, Automotive, Process manufacturing and factory performance. We provide continuous process monitoring and production monitoring so that you can be connected all the time, then analyze and then optimize. We help you to predict and schedule your downtimes so that you don’t face any barriers in the future. We are here to expand your control by greater connectivity and data communication. Our Industrial Internet of things provides your business with power to be more productive and reduce the future risks incidents.

Smart Retail

We provide Internet of Things solutions to deliver personalized shopping experience and gain benefits over the others. We provide data Protection systems to keep your credit card and personal data secure. Our IOT technologies can help you improve efficiency and opportunities for you. We are a perfect solution partner for your specific needs. We help enabling smart and better cost saving and efficient solutions to your organization. We provide you with the right tools to meet your specifications and maximize your resources through cost cutting solutions. Smart Retail Solution we deliver is the combination of best software, hardware and services, which will help you in your success.

Smart Home

Smart Home is building and bringing automation to your home. We are providing the best Smart Home appliances for a long time. We are the leaders in providing Smart Home services.The service you get from is exceptional and unique. The home automations system helps you to control your home lightings, heating, cameras, surveillance and security, remote control and many more. We provide a connection to all the devices and appliances in your home and allow them to interact with the users and make them smart. It gives complete control of your house in your hand and voice. We have developed an application for your smart phone which makes it much easier for you to control.

Smart Health

This is a life changing app in the medical and health industry where people can very much book – check and do the needful for all kinds of medical needs. This is the application from our expert experienced people house. We guaranteed satisfaction when users use the same. We pioneer for this product cum service.