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IOT - latest Trent of IT market

The Internet of Things (IOT) is an interrelated computing device, machines, animals, people or objects that have a unique identifier with an ability to transfer data over network without any human or computer interaction. It refers to an ever growing network of objects which structures an IP address. IOT would help shape the business’s future as a revolutionary trend. Some of the trends which would transform business and IT are as follows:

Many Mobile Moments: IOT has provided a competitive market for businesses in new and current markets. IOT has not only changed the internet but also things which are connected to the internet. It provides more mobiles moments which will appear on the certain connected devices. All the connected devices will offer a potential to stream high and rich data which will be used by the business owners to interact with the customers easily.

Connectivity: You can connect several parts of IOT by different technologies like Wi-Fi, Wi-max, Bluetooth, Ethernet and LTE (long term evolution). A new technology of Li-Fi uses light as a medium of communication. It helps in communication between several parts of networks also sensors. New types of wireless connections as Lora WAN, sigfox and 3GPP have emerged currently.

Block chain: Block chain is a new model now and has many apps besides IOT. Block chain acts as a missing link to resolve privacy, reliability and scalability in the Internet of Things. It can be used for tracking many millions of connected devices. IOT would unite with Block chain for betterment of security. It helps in opening a way in the classification in hardware and Mobile application designing.

Modern Business Models: This IOT will help the satisfy all the requirements of e-commerce and consumer markets. The IOT can help you set new modern business models with the help of website designing for the business to grow in large. It will help the new and modern business models with reducing costs of the owners, sharing costs of devices with customers for transparency and making UX more fun. The trend would bring new categories to smart markets.

Smart vehicles: There are many cars which are connected to your mobile device and has the feature of self parking and self drive. This features are provided to the cars by the IOT. These cars are connected to google maps which provides the car with the available routes for your destination and estimations. These facilities are the core framework of the IOT. This was a major trend in 2016 which increased the demand for manufacturing cars.

Smart Factories: IOT has enabled smart factories and manufacturers to rise. It has a side effect also, which is number of workers are getting unemployed due to the use of IOT in factories. IOT enables all the machines to perform all the tasks faster and increase the profit of many industrial companies. It has helped in improvement of productivity and labour efficiencies contributing to their growth.

IOT promises to enhance growth of a business and customer relationships by increasing the company’s productivity, reliability and also helps to reduce risks and costs of the business. Improved customers and satisfaction can be experienced.