Fleet Management Solutions

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Fleet Management Solutions

Our Product ProActive Fleet Management Solution is a powerful product for Intuitive Vehicle Tracking with the help of IOT.

Technologies Used

One can quickly understand the day's driving activities. It tracks individual and group safety metrics.

User can know exactly who was driving each vehicle through Bluetooth key fobs. Staff just gets in a vehicle and drive. User automatically knows who was in which vehicle.

In one intuitive map user can view locations, speeds, instances of hard braking, acceleration and idling.

ProActive can also track non-traditional assets like bikes, golf carts, trailers, ladders, tools, etc.

One can easily generate reports on the basis of day to day data. ProActive helps in making fleet more safe and eco-friendly each month.

ProActive doesn't physically connect to the "brains" of the vehicle. As such, a vehicle cannot be hacked through our fleet management system.

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