Online Food

Online Food Ordering

Online food ordering is a process of ordering food from a local restaurant or food cooperative through a web page or app. Your Menu, Our Features: A Recipe for Success. Our advanced features won't just make your online ordering system come to life. It will elevate your business and ramp up your revenue. The best part? Each feature is easy to use, so focus on your restaurant...We''ll take care of the rest.

Technologies Used

“THE RESTAURANT” is an application in which all about You and Food.

THE RESTAURANT provides such a users friendly interface which allows the end users to grab the best food in town by few clicks.

THE RESTAURANT allows to book table when you are at home and don’t need to wait in Queue for having your meal.

The great thing about THE RESTAURANT App is it allows you to place the order via Beacons using the Bluetooth technology to connect it and Pay through it.

User can login into app through Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram.

It accepts different payment methodologies like Cash, Card, PayPal and Stripe.

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