Very Delightful Project


TeachClean was created to provide teachers easy access to submitting janitorial requests without the additional hassle of hunting down custodial staff during class hours.

TeachClean is a simple way for teachers to submit janitorial requests, report cleanliness issues within classrooms and more — all without stepping outside of the classroom. It puts janitorial requests at the fingertips of staff and allows administrators to monitor progress in realtime.

Teachers can submit requests via the mobile app or website if a floor is unswept or sticky, if desks are dirty, or if there's a burnt-out light bulb in a classroom.

Custodial staff receives submitted requests, if you wish, including photos of the issue at hand and the classroom number, to efficiently keep up with classroom cleanliness. Administrators can also monitor the progress of each request and productivity of custodial staff through navigating a single system.

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